The radiology department is a highly specialized, full-service department that strives to meet all patients’ and clinicians’ needs in diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapies.

Services Rendered

  1. Routine Radiography that is,

  • CXR/Skull/Abd Plain/C-Spine/Spine/Thoracic Spine/Pelosi.

  • Extremities:-Tibia/Knee/Femur Ankle-Forearm/wrists

  • Wrists/Elbow.

2) Ultra-Sound Services:-Abd/Pelvic/Prostate/Kub/Gynae/obs- Thyroid cranial Breast/Trs/Trus, Carotid Doppler/Venous/Artery Doppler

3) Dental Radiography: OPG, Bitewings

4) CT scan

Hours of operation

We offer services 24hrs every day of the week

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