Orthopaedic Unit

PCEA Kikuyu Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation centre (KORC) is a fully equipped with 37 beds, the hospital provides orthopaedic, reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation for its clients. KORC opened its doors in 1998. Annually about 5000 patients are seen and over 800 surgical procedures performed. KORC has an outreach/mobile clinic program that helps to educate, identify, refer and follow up children with disabilities.


To do corrective surgery mainly to children with deformities. These are mainly congenital, developmental and others result from burns

To fabricate artificial limbs for amputees

To treat and fix fractured bones

To do total hip and knee joint replacements

To train doctors and other medical personnel in Orthopaedic care

Services Offered

Inpatient and outpatient orthopaedic care

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Limbshop services (makes prosthesis and orthosis)


Guest Hostel with a 36 bed capacity and conference/ Seminar facilities


37 beds capacity wards

2 Orthopaedic surgical operating theatre rooms

Fully equipped physiotherapy and Occupational therapy department

Fully equipped Prosthetic and Orthotic workshop


X-ray unit with automatic film processor


3 Kenyan Orthopaedic surgeons

34 qualified nurses

6-8 visiting American Orthopaedic Surgeons subspecialized in various areas of Orthopaedics per year

2 Qualified Orthopaedic Technologists

4 Qualified Physiotherapists and 1 occupational therapists

3 Plaster Technologists


Thousands of patients from all parts of the country and beyond have been attended to and their bones/joint problems sorted out. These patients come from all the parts of Kenya and from the neighbouring countries.

Many disabled children have been seen, assessed and rehabilitated. Most of them are able to attend schools now.

Conferences and Seminars have been held at this unit. This is to update healthcare givers and to improve on orthopaedic patient care.

Each year there are at least 50 students from various institutions interning at this unit. This range from The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), Nairobi Hospital, University of Nairobi, students from Nigeria, Germany and the USA

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