The Department of Radiology is a highly specialized, full-service department which strives to meet all patient and clinician needs in diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapies.

Through Rural Radiology programme initiated in 1999, University of Nairobi Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Medicine (UON-DIRM) facilitates training of radiology residents and growth of radiology services at our institution. The residents assist in seeing the patients under the supervision of our resident radiologist. You can visit University Of Nairobi department of diagnostic imaging and radiation medicine via

Services Rendered

1)Routine Radiography: i.e.

  1. CXR/Skull/Abd Plain/C-Spine/Spine/Thoracic Spine/Pelosi.
  2. Extremities:-Tibia/Knee/Femur Ankle-Forearm/wrists
  3. Wrists/Elbow etc.

2)Ultra-Sound Services:- e.g.

Abd/Pelvic/Prostate/Kub/Gynae/obs- Thyroid cranial Breast/Trs/Trus

Carotid Doppler/Venous/Artery Doppler e.t.c

3)Dental Radiography:

OPG, Bite wings i.o.pas e.t.c

4)NB CT scan &Mammography units are in the process of installation.


Hours of operation

Monday to Friday - 8:00am to 4:00 pm




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