Physiotherapy is the treatment of disorders of movement and function by methods such as exercise, manipulation, heat or ultrasound and other electro-medical modalities. It also involves treatment of nerves.

The Hospital has a modern, fully equipped Physiotherapy Unit with the latest equipment operated by qualified and dedicated physiotherapists.

The department also comprises of occupational therapy and manual therapy.

Most patients are booked through a doctor's referral and we also receive referrals from other hospitals.

Services offered include:

i. Electrotherapy

This is treatment by use of machines e.g ultrasound, electrical stimulation, interferential Therapy or Transcutaneous, Electrical Nerve Stimulation, Orthopaedic appliances.

The department provides and also fit corsets, collars, medical stockings, knee, ankle and elbow supports.

ii. Intermittent and continuous Traction

It is given to cervical or lumbar region to relieve pain and nerve pressure.

iii. Occupational Therapy

Occupation therapy enables people to perform to their full potential in their daily activities and occupations.

This therapy aims to improve the quality of an individual life by enhancing his or her skills in self-care activities, daily living activities, work and education and Leisure and ply activities.

iv. Manual Therapy

This therapy is used to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures

v. Gymnasium facility

Anyone can register for keeping fit, losing weight, toning up, cardiovascular, fitness and aerobic exercises

The following equipment is also available:



Walking frame


Hours of operation

Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm



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