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Kikuyu Funeral Home has adopted the modern methods of preserving bodies. Other than using coolers, all bodies are embalmed.


Reconstruction is done on bodies which are badly mutilated due to accidents, in any attempts to give the body the original shape.

Cleaning and Dressing

Cleaning and dressing is done by member of staff. A fee of Kshs. 200 is charged for the bodies admitted within the normal working hours that is from 8.00 a.m. to 5 p.m. A fee of Kshs. 350 is charged for bodies admitted outside normal working hours, holidays and weekends.


Two hundred (200) shillings is levied for viewing bodies in the morgue

Post Mortem

A post mortem is a procedure done on dead bodies to determine the cause of death. This is done by a pathologist of ones choice or requests the hospital to do arrangements for the same. Pathologist fee is negotiable. The funeral home charges a fee of Kshs, 1, 000 for the post mortem. In case of an accident the post mortem is done by a police pathologist in presence of police officers dealing with the case. Burial permit is issued by the police pathologist

Hearse Services

We offer hearse services complete with a lowering gear and Public Address.

Admitting Bodies In The Morgue

A burial permit is the standard document required for transporting bodies either to the morgue or burial site. In case a burial permit is not available a police letter complete with a stamp should be produced at the morgue. Please note that the police letter facilitates the transport to the morgue and therefore a burial permit should be acquired.

General Charges

The funeral home charges are Kshs. 800 per day for the first seven (7) days, charges increase to Kshs. 1, 050 per day from the 8th day. For the bodies from the hospital wards charges are Kshs. 600 per day for the first seven (7) days. This charge increases to Kshs. 850 from the 8th day. All payments are done one day before collecting the body.



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