Hospital Governance

Governance Structure

The hospital is headed by a Chief Executive who reports to a Board of Directors. The Hospital Board headed by a chairman is mandated to provide a strategic direction to the hospital serves as an accountability body and oversees the running of the institution in a transparent and accountable manner.

The Board is the highest management authority in the hospital and is mandated by the PCEA Health Board to chart a strategic direction for the hospital and to develop good structures for corporate governance practices at the hospital.

The Board is headed by a chairman and the Hospital Chief Executive acts as the Secretary. For effective governance, it has mandated members to oversee the running of various functions of the hospital through various committees: Executive, Finance, Procurement, Personnel, Development and Medical Advisory Committees.

Hospital Management Team (HAT)

The hospital is managed by a committee that is chaired by the Chief Executive. The members include the Chief Medical Officer, Finance Manager, Administration Manager, Hospital Matron and Chaplain.

The HAT is mandated to coordinate the day to day operations of the hospital and holds its meetings fortnightly.


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