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5. Wards

The ward holds 76 beds. There are also private rooms that accommodate patients who opt to. There is an examination room in the ward. The room is equipped with a slit-lamp. A keratometer and A-scan for biometry.

6. Operating Theatre

The Eye Theatre is well equipped with modern eye surgical equipment. It boasts as one of the best equipped theaters in sub-Saharan Africa. We have modern general anesthetic machines, vitrector and Phaco-emulcification machines (LEGACY and LAUREATE), cryo, and LASER machines. We have modern operating microscopes to name a few. The theater can be used for high output cataract operations as it can have three operating stations run concurrently. The theater is being expanded to cater for our ever increasing demand especially, by the retinal, oculoplastic and pediatric sub-specialists. We perform well over 6,000 eye operations in a year.

7. Optical Workshop

This is the production unit for the Eye Unit. This is where different types of spectacles for patients attending the unit can are made and dispensed. Wide variety of normal quality and designer frames and lenses are available. Spectacles are handed at subsidized rates to certain categories of children and those with special needs.

8. Instrument Repair Workshop  (IRW)


Almost all the instrument and equipment are maintained and repaired by our own trained staff. The IRW also receives requests for equipment repair from other eye centers in the country.

9. Drug Production



Most of the drugs used in the eye unit are produced internally at our drug production lab. We also produce some of the drugs rarely obtained even from commercial merchants, like antifungals - miconazole, antiseptics- like 2.5% povidone iodine and hypertonic salt solution.


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