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4. Low Vision Clinic

Low vision is a condition whereby the eyesight is reduced to an extent that a person is considered handicapped and not yet blind. With appropriate support the person can use the vision for execution of the visual tasks.

The unit works in close collaboration with Ministry of Education in Kenya, and Ministry of Health, Division of Ophthalmic Service [DOS].

Aim Of The Department

The general aim of the department is to ensure that children with low vision get opportunity to use their vision in the most effective way, so that they may live as independent as possible in the world of the sighted.

Objectives Of The Department

To achieve this aim the departments objectives are:

  • All persons with visual impairment to be assessed.
  • Deliver low vision services to enhance the vision of individuals.
  • To conduct training for human resource personnel working with persons with low vision.

Activities In The Department

  1. Bridging the gap in low vision service delivery with other stakeholders especially the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.

  2. Identification and assessment of persons with visual impairments in the low vision clinic at Kikuyu Eye Unit and during Outreach work.

  3. Organize medical and optical care for those in need.

  4. Provision of low vision devices to children who require them in special schools and integrated programme.

  5. Training persons in the use of low vision devices.

  6. Provision of guidance and counseling services.

  7. Provision of early intervention and visual stimulation services to young children with low vision.

  8. Sensitization of the teacher in regular school, where children with low vision are integrated, on how to handle them.

  9. Training on orientation and mobility, advice on daily living skills and vocational guidance.

The child has delayed milestone, [delay in walking e.t.c.] so she is being taken through exercise to help her in balancing by the Rehab officer [Early Intervention]. Low vision looks at the child as a whole, and not just the eyes only.


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