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3. Clinical Services

1.General Ophthalmic Services

  Screening and treatment of uncomplicated cases by ocos

  Referrals are sent to general ophthalmic consultants

  Advanced referrals to specialists

Our Oco-cataract surgeons carry out most of the minor lid and ocular surface surgeries.

The General Ophthalmologist carry out  a large number of cataract ,glaucoma and corneal surgeries including transplants  and they are also attached to the specialized areas of their choice.

2. Specialist Available

  • VITREO-RETINAL SERVICES- Attend to all vitreous and retinal cases including vitreous haemorrhages, retinal detachments, retinal diseases including age related macular degenerations, and diabetic retinopathies. We also screen for and treat DIABETIC RETINOPATHY
  • OCULOPLASTIC SERVICES- Adnexal and Oculoplastic services - lid, lacrimal (tear drainage system) and orbital diseases.
  • PEDIATRIC/SQUINT SERVICES  attend to most pediatric diseases including. Congenital cataracts, congenital glaucomas, nasolacrimal diseases, low- vision, and squints(for both children and adults) etc etc.

Specialists to be developed

  Anterior segment



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