Family Health Clinic

The Family Health Clinic  is founded on quality and afford-able services that advocate for safe motherhood, proper child development, and a healthy family.

The services offered in Family Health Clinic  are as follows:

1. Focused antenatal care.

2.Targeted post natal care.

3. Providing all family planning methods: short term, long term, permanent i.e. vasectomy & tubal ligation.

4. Screening of Breast and Cervical cancer in all women of reproductive ages.

5. Giving immunization i.e. BCG, Pentavalent, Polio, Measles.

6. Growth monitoring for children under the age of five.

7. Counseling and testing of antenatal mothers and partners on PMTCT.

8. Create awareness through Micro teaching on various topics i.e.  Nutrition, Breast feeding, Weaning  etc.


The Family Health Clinic schedule is as follows:

Antenatal: Tuesday ,Wednesday and Friday

Child Welfare: Monday and Thursday

Family planning: Monday and Thursday



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